Huffy 5.0

Any info on this bike like year would be appreciated. If you have a copy of an ad for it or brochure email me a copy at and I will post it to the site.

This one belongs to Jay in the UK. What a clean looking Huffy. He thinks it may be from 1985 (sounds about right) but isnt sure. If anyone knows for sure let us know.

Huffy Pro Lightning advertisement

This picture is of former Huffy Factory rider Martin Marano. Martin says it was actually used in a Huffy advertisement for the Pro Lightning. The Pro Lightning was the  first real BMX bike Huffy produced. Love the JT uniforms.  More pictures to follow.

1981 Factory Team

Ron House

1982 Ron House advertisement

This ad appeared in a 1982 issue of Super BMX. It congratulates Ron House for winning the NBA#1 ProAm, whatever that is lol. Maybe Ron will see this one day and let us know what that is. It looks like Ron may have been the first rider Huffy ever sponsored. I think Ron also rode for Vans at one time.

1985 Factory Team

Stu Thomsen

Mike King

Gary Ellis

Shawn Carmody

1986 Factory Team

The team was disbanded mid season.  Only Stu Thomsen would finish out 86 racing for Huffy.

Stu Thomsen

Gary Ellis

Mike King

Shawn Carmody

May 1982 advertisement


1982 Factory Team

Factory Team

John Piant (MO)

Matt Harris (PA)

Mark Driscoll (IA)

Troy Raatz (MI)

Andrew Soule (MI)

Robby Rupe (CA/FL/AL)

Jim Stinson (PA)

Other Factory Team or Support Team Racers

Dan Beam (OH)

Greg Beam (OH)

Bruce Brockert (OH)

Chris Carson

Rodney Cooper (TX)

Bill Danishek (OH)

Nikki Danishek (OH)

Martin Marano

Drew Potts (MO)

Steve Smith (OH)

Note: they didnt yet have a uniform for Martin so he was wearing Troy Raatz’s uniform when the picture was taken


1984 Factory Team

Stu Thomsen

Gary Ellis

Mike King

Brian Blyther (Freestyle)

stuthomsen84 mikeking

1983 Factory Team

Matt Harris

John Piant

mattharris johnpiant